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Toronto Star
David Goodman saved the life of Sandy Laidlaw by administering first aid on a cold December night on the street.
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Welcome to Heaven Can Wait - emergency first aid training

Would you know what to do in all of these situations?

  • A relative complains of chest pain, dizziness and shortness of breath.
  • You see a student slumped over in the corner of a classroom with swollen lips and tongue, hives and extreme shortness of breath.
  • Someone outside your office has fallen, has slurred speech and is unable to use the left side of their body.
  • Your neighbour runs to you with her child, pleading for help as the child is not breathing.
After completing the courses at Heaven Can Wait, you will have the knowledge and skills to act effectively in these and any other emergency situations that may arise.

It’s better to know First Aid and ideally not have to use it, than have to use it and not know it.

Your Total Health Care Service Provider

Your Total Health Care Service Provider

Heaven Can Wait offers a myriad of First Aid and CPR courses along with specialty courses that are geared toward the needs of specific communities. As a Total Health Care Service Provider, our company employs a core of dedicated professionals, consisting of Medical Doctors, Naturopathic Doctors, Holistic Nutritionists, Reflexologists, Massage Therapists, Personal Trainers, Pilates Instructors and more.

Our Wellness Team provides seminars in their respective fields. For more information on seminar dates, packages or consultations, please call or write the Heaven Can Wait office at 416-331-8855

Why Choose Heaven Can Wait

At Heaven Can Wait, we employ a small group of core medical professionals to instruct courses, resulting in higher quality assurance and consistency. As your provider for training, our relationship does not cease after course completion. We want to be part of your training team now and in the future.